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The Clockwork Cabaret Diary

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The Clockwork Cabaret
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Music o' Gears for Steampunk'd Ears
The Clockwork Cabaret is a weekly podcast hosted by that darling DJ Duo, Emmett Davenport & Lady Attercop.

They play the "Music o' Gears", an anachronistic style of music that will make you long for the days gone by. So, pour yourself a glass of port or a nice cup of tea and give us a listen. If you'd like to download our podcast, you can go here.

MUSICIANS THAT ARE INTERESTED in the *possibility* of having us spin their songs on our show, hold promo nights for them, or have a live performance, feel free to contact us at clockworkcabaret@gmail.com.

Or simply mail us directly:
The Clockwork Cabaret
P.O.Box 741
Pittsboro, NC 27312
1920's jazz, absinthe, accordions, aether, alluring strange, alt country, americana, anachronism, antique jazz, apocalyptic folk, art, avant garde music, balzac, baudelaire, beat poetry, blackgrass, body art, bohemian noir photography, brass bands, brass instruments, british musichall, burlesque, cabaret, calliopes, candles, carnival music, carnivals, cellos, celtic, celtic punk, cemeteries, chamber pop, chocolate, circus music, classical music, clockwork pop, club foot orchestra, coffee, cooking, corsets, creepabilly, dancing, dark cabaret, dark folk, davenport sisters, demon dolls photography, dirge country, dixieland funeral marches, dragtime, eccentrik festival, edward gorey, emmett davenport, ether-pirate drinking songs, ethereal, fantasy, fashion, film, folk, forgotten sister productions, gaslight ambient, ghost town country, goth, grotesque burlesgue, gypsy music, gypsy punk, harpischords, klaude davenport, klezmer, lemming malloy, literature, magic, man man, mandolins, mingan davenport, movies, murder ballads, music, musical saws, musichall, mutant americana, mythology, neko case, neo-classical, new old world, new orleans funeral music, novels, old new world, old romantic, organic goth, painting, penny dreadful pop, perception crisis photography, photography, piercings, poetry, post-modern vaudeville, post-rock, pvc, raw blues, rebel waltz, rimbaud, science fiction, sea chanties, silent movie soundtracks, sinister circus, slowcore, space chanties, steampunk, steel guitar, street opera, stringed instruments, tattoos, the clockwork ball, the clockwork cabaret, the clockwork dolls, the davenport sisters, the decemberists, the ducole company, the extraordinary contraptions, the slow poisoner, traditional music, two man gentlemen band, unextraordinary gentlemen, vaudeville, vernian process, victoriana, victrolas, vintage gospel, violin, whaleeesssssss, writing